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 ***Coronavirus Situation


FROM:     Judge Lee – Holmes County Probate & Juvenile Courts

RE:          Coronavirus Guidelines for access to Probate & Juvenile Courts

DATE:     March 17, 2020

Effective immediately, to keep Court staff, parties, attorneys and the general public safe, the Probate & Juvenile Court has implemented a few guidelines as follows:

1.       If you are sick or not feeling well, you will not be permitted access into the Courthouse.

2.      If you have a hearing scheduled, a limited amount of people will be allowed to attend.  Those allowed are parties, attorneys and Court personnel.  Any family members, friends or others are not permitted to attend the hearing.

3.      For those who need access to Probate or Juvenile Court for reasons other than hearings:

a)      Probate Court business might include marriage licenses, marriage certificates, paying Court costs, reviewing an estate or guardianship file or other questions.  You must call Probate Court (330) 674-5881 first to talk with a Clerk.  They will direct you further at this point.

b)      Juvenile Court business might include paying Court costs, talking to a Probation Officer, reviewing a case file, filing a complaint or motion or other questions. You must call Juvenile Court (330) 674-5841 first to talk with a Clerk. They will direct you further at this point.

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Official(s): JUDGE THOMAS C. LEE

Court Administrator:  Glennis R. Menuez

Hours / Holiday Hours

Address: 1 East Jackson Street, Suite 203
                Millersburg, OH 44654

Phone:   (330) 674-5881

Fax:        (330) 674-5820

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